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First Responders Struggling With Addiction

The work of First Responders, Law enforcers, and Correction Officers are more demanding than ever. Their sleep patterns are taxed, stress levels maxed, and it never seems to let up. Such is the nature of their occupations. Job-related stress takes its toll both physically and mentally. Their bodies suffer, their relationships suffer, and their job performance inevitably suffers. RecoverUs Centers’ Partner Kelly Reed understands because they’ve been helping many of these professionals who tackle these challenges to recover their lives. Nursing Supervisor Seth Doiron and the other staff at RecoverUs work closely with these professionals as both colleague and provider. It’s about quality of life, feeling good every day, enjoying the profession and maintaining a loving family.

The issues First Responders, Law enforcers, and Correction Officers face often go unnoticed and unrecognized. Patients describe how they cope, how they just get by and make it from day to day, and what may have led them to substance use. This unspoken truth of substance use is more prevalent than anyone cares to admit, and it’s not their fault. These professionals are at high risk for depression, anxiety, family dysfunction, PTSD, substance abuse and addiction. The pills and alcohol are readily available, socially acceptable, and certainly can help ease the pain they feel. It can be an easy out to use these fixes to make the pain go away, but the fix is unhealthy, unsustainable, and damages their livelihood. They feel out of control and at the mercy of their substance use and abuse. This unintended consequence can and has ruined lives.

Reed and Doiron understand the pain and apprehension these professionals face. They don’t want to-or don’t feel like they can-admit they need help. They worry about losing their job and their family. Reed and the staff at RecoverUs worked to build a center that protects and values their patients’ confidentiality and privacy. They offer a safe, private, and non-judgmental environment for the patients’ recovery. Their hours are very flexible to accommodate patients’ needs. RecoverUs is out-patient based, so patients can spend time with their families in the evening. Reed has developed programs that can be as short as 3-5 days for their recovery, and the discomfort patients may be fearing when they stop using can be effectively managed so they can begin to restore their lives much easier than you thought.

Doiron and the RecoverUs providers treat First Responders, Law Enforcers, and Correction Officers every day. Their patients are referred from around the country, and their programs are tailored to patients’ individual needs. Reed’s specific and unique trademarked approach helps to release the hold the drugs have on patients’ brains, recovering brain function and restoring their lives. RecoverUs’ Addiction Certified Counselors and Addiction trained medical staff are well trained in the recovery process, and their treatment plans continue for up to a full year. They offer trauma assessment and treatment plans to heal patients’ pasts and the tools to create successful and happy futures.

The staff at RecoverUs understand your specific concerns and needs. Patients need a workable plan for recovery including confidentiality, convenience, and affordability. Most importantly, patients need a plan that works for them. This decision to get help just might be the best decision you or your loved ones have ever made.
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