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KSVF12 – The Bridge

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) – One Heartland addiction treatment center uses a device that takes away opiate withdrawal symptoms.

“It’s just like somebody’s giving you a breath of fresh life,” said Seth Doiron, RecoverUS Nurse Supervisor.

The device is called The Bridge.

“It helps everybody to get back to who you’re supposed to be and not being an addicted individual,” said Doiron.

It works by sending electrical impulses into the body through wires connected behind the patient’s ear. According to Doiron, it instantaneously takes away opiate withdrawal symptoms, a massive hurdle in people’s journey through recovery.

“Whenever somebody is going through the hardest part of the vomiting, the sweats, like those things are very terrifying to any individual and to tell them you can take those away is comforting to them,” he said.

“It’s life changing for them definitely,” said Kelly Reed, RecoverUS Partner and Clinic Director.

The patient must keep the device on for five days. After that, Reed said the patient’s more likely to continue to sobriety.

“They’ll laugh or they get tears in their eyes, because they just can’t believe that that’s actually possible, that they could manage their withdrawal symptoms and do so in a comfortable way,” said Reed.

Both Reed and Doiron said no matter the patient’s background, they see successful results and positive futures.

“I’ve had men coming and getting their job back where they say they could not even be effective at work anymore because of their drug use. I’ve had women that felt like they couldn’t be a mom or pick up their kids from school anymore. And being able to use this device and our therapies they just start crying. I got my life back. I can be a mom again. I can be a wife again,” said Doiron.

According to Doiron, using RecoverUS other treatment options along with The Bridge device leads to an even more promising path to sobriety and sticking with it. If you have any questions about RecoverUS treatment options, call 618-519-9444.

By Isabelle Hanson | February 13, 2020 at 4:44 PM CST

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