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We provide a rapid detox process and long-term treatment. You want to be better now, so we’ve designed a medically-proven detox program that typically takes just a few days. Then, once you’re clean, we walk with you for weeks and months with on-going treatment, counseling and support to prevent slips, relapses and new addictions.

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Work Related Stress And First Responders

Work Related Stress And First Responders

First Responders, Law Enforcement, Corrections Officers…..We Understand

For First Responders, Law enforcers, and Correction Officers, your day is hectic. Your sleep patterns are taxed, your stress levels are maxed, and even when you tell yourself, “It’s ok, I’m ok, and surely it will get better,” it never seems to let up. This is your life. Job-related stress takes its toll both physically and mentally. Your body suffers; your relationships suffer, and your job performance suffers. We understand because we’ve been helping people just like you, with the same challenges, recover their lives. It’s about quality of life, feeling good every day, enjoying your profession and loving your family.

Fireman Under Work Related Stress

The Unspoken Truth

Just because no one speaks about the toll your job takes, it’s real and we understand. Our patients describe how they cope, how they just get by and make it from day to day, and what may have led them to substance use. This unspoken truth of substance use is more prevalent than anyone cares to admit, and it’s not your fault. You are at high risk for depression, anxiety, family dysfunction, PTSD, substance abuse and addiction. The pills and alcohol are readily available, socially acceptable, and certainly can help ease the pain you feel. You simply wanted the pain to go away, but what’s happening now is not the answer. You feel out of control and at the mercy of your substance use/abuse. It’s not what you thought would happen at all.

The Hold Back

We understand your pain and your hesitation. You don’t want to tell anyone. You can’t afford to lose your job or your family. And, at the same time, you need help. At RecoverUS, your confidentiality is extremely important. We offer a safe, private, and non-judgmental environment for your recovery. Additionally, our hours are very flexible to accommodate your needs. Our services are out-patient based so you can spend time with your family in the evening. Our programs can be as short as 3-5 days for your recovery, and the discomfort you may be fearing when you stop using can be effectively managed so you can begin to restore your life much easier than you thought.


We treat First Responders, Law Enforcers, and Correction Officers just like you. Our patients are referred from around the country and our programs are tailored to your individual needs. Our specific and unique trademarked approach helps to release the hold the drugs have on your brain, recover your brain function, and restore your life. Our Addiction Certified Counselors and Addiction trained medical staff are well trained in the recovery process, and our treatment plans continue for up to a full year. We offer trauma assessment and treatment plans to heal your past and the tools to create a successful and happy future.

Your Plan

We understand your specific concerns and your needs. You need a workable plan for recovery including confidentiality, convenience, and affordability. Most importantly, you need a plan that will work for you. This decision to get help just might be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Give us a call at 618-519-9444 and get started right away.

NAD+ Therapy

NAD+ Therapy

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) is an essential molecule found not only in your brain, but virtually in every cell of your body. Without adequate amounts of available NAD+ in your cells, repair and duplication would cease. NAD+ is a coenzyme of Vitamin B3 (niacin). Coenzymes are smaller than enzymes and help activate enzyme function in your body. Enzymes are responsible for thousands of different biochemical reactions in your body and NAD+ serves as a master enzyme facilitator throughout your entire body. NAD+ helps cell regeneration, boosts energy, and helps repair DNA.

NAD+ aids in the conversion of food and glucose into energy by acting as an electron transporter during cell metabolism. It plays an important role in immune response and cellular stress. NAD+ actually acts as an all-important neuro transmitter and promotes cellular communication. Sirtuins are a class of enzymes regulating certain metabolic pathways and genetic expressions. They are dependent on NAD+ which promotes better health and longevity.

All in all, NAD+ is a powerful energy and recovery co-enzyme in every cell. At RecoverUS, we offer several sources of patented NAD+ and combinations of Amino Acid Drips.

NAD+ Therapy and Addiction/Recovery

At RecoverUS, we offer a unique, trademarked approach which is different than typical Detox and recovery centers. We use many formulations of NAD+ and exact ratios of Amino Acids to help with your symptoms of withdrawal during detox. Our experience shows the entire process is safe and predictable. Symptoms are relatively easy to control and the product is 100% natural. Our entire clinical staff has been thoroughly trained to help you through the detox process. This specialized IV therapy helps to diminish the effects of substance abuse and helps to restore proper brain function.

Patients with substance abuse and addiction challenges respond extremely well to our unique protocols. Our goal is to detox the system within as little as a few days, depending on the specific substance and return your brain/body to a healthy and productive state. Our patients report a marked reduction in cravings and overall boost in energy within a day or two.

NAD+ Therapy and Brain Optimization

Brain Optimization refers to being able to maximize brain function. As we age our brain follows a similar path as our body. It slows and does not reproduce cells at a rate compared to our younger days. We experience a phase of life termed Senescence or loss of the cells ability to divide and grow.

Referred to as Senolytic, aging cells, which are slowing down and not dividing, begin the process of destruction and death. Inflammatory chemicals are released into the system and trigger adjacent cells to do the same. When NAD+ levels are diminished, our cells go through the natural process of Senescence. Our trademarked approach is to bathe the brain and aging cells in NAD+ and additional Vitamins via IV therapy, which in turn helps promote cellular growth and function.

IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy directs the flow of vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. When we bypass the digestive system, you will experience increased cell absorption and 100% bioavailability of the vitamins/infusion. This therapy is administered via a drip IV bag and may take from 30 minutes to several hours depending on the type of infusion and your needs. The difference between supplements taken by mouth vs IV Drip is the absorption rate. Absorption diminishes in the digestive tract and is purported to be only 20% as effective with oral vitamins.   We offer several specific IV Drips, including the “Meyers Cocktail” developed some 60 years prior, to activate brain and muscle response and Glutathione which is touted as the “Master Detoxifier” and is a powerful Anti-Oxidant.

IV Vitamin Therapy and Addiction

Our treatment for addiction often includes IV Vitamin Drips of the “Meyers Cocktail” and Glutathione, depending on the specific addiction and patient history. We utilize specific dosages based on the specific chemical toxicity present in your case. The Drip will serve to enhance other treatment procedures such as our trademarked NAD IV therapy by helping to activate the brain.

IV Vitamin Therapy for Brain Optimization

Brain Optimization is our focus at Recover US. Environmental factors, genetics, nutrition, and stress all play an important role in brain health. Our programs are designed to boost brain Recovery and address multiple areas of total body/brain health. By coupling IV Vitamin therapy with the beneficial NAD boost, patients experience more mental clarity, better focus, improved cognition, and a boost of energy.

The Bridge

For some patients, we recommend the Bridge, an FDA approved medical device, which helps curb the effects of Opiate and Alcohol withdrawal within minutes of application. The Bridge is a gentle neuro-stimulation system (NSS) device that attaches just behind your earlobe. It’s a non-narcotic treatment that works nearly 100 percent of the time by gently stimulating the nerves to your brain to create a feeling of calm and ease. The response to the Bridge happens within as little as 8-10 minutes. It is the ideal therapy for the pain associated with withdrawal from Alcohol, Heroin, Suboxone®, Methadone, Oxymorphone and Opiate pills, such as Hydrocodone, Oxycodone and Fentanyl. We are currently the only facility in our area offering this technology.


Neuro Feedback for Brain Recovery

Neurological feedback is a simple yet most effective process – Neurofeedback starts with a brain map. A cap fitted with special sensors fits on your head to measure your brainwave activity and help us understand which protocols will provide the best possible results. The protocols are overlaid on your choice of a television show and you simply watch the show and the protocol will retrain your brain. The process sounds very simple but the results are anything but. This will help you calm and restore normal brain patterns. Sessions may take as little as 15 minutes and there are no harmful side-effects to this relaxing therapy. Neuro Feedback is used both for treatment of certain addictions and brain optimization.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

Our nutritional approach includes access to a 40 year line of nutritionals which are designed to aid the body in its return to optimized health. With brain health at the core, overall body health can respond to the same approach. What’s good for one is good for the entire body. Our bodies require Alkaline Minerals, Trace Minerals, Pre and Pro-Biotics for a healthy gut, and we need digestive enzymes. We address your needs and make specific recommendations. No two people are the same and each program is tailored to your body’s requirements.

Nutritional Therapy and Addiction

Addiction to drugs and alcohol devastate the brain and body in many ways. Mineral depletion, gut flora devastation and stamina are just a few of the implications. When you lose any of these vital components to a healthy life, your body will ultimately pay the price. Our approach is to replenish the mineral content available to your system by enhancing the gut biome which in turn will boost your immunity and overall health. Enzymes, minerals and Trace Minerals are keys to accomplishing this restorative process. And, this path leads to a healthy brain, a recovered brain.


Counseling for Addiction and Substance Abuse

Our Licensed Addiction Counselors, certified by the State of Illinois, will be able to quickly establish a respectful, supportive, and understanding relationship with you. They are fully trained to ask the appropriate questions to learn more about your situation in order to help you find the motivation from within for a change. Most importantly, we will be able to develop a customized plan for change that you are fully capable of and comfortable with. Since no two addictions are alike, even if they seem similar on the surface, our counselors will use their experience and proven screening methods to provide the ideal treatment recommendations unique to your case. Every brain processes the effects and causes of addiction differently. Aligning with a true professional, trained and licensed to help with addiction, is the key to your successful win over your addiction.

We encourage family and loved ones to aid in the process, as they offer the most accurate personal insight to you as well as information on how the addiction has affected them. This is more than just about your addiction. This is about your loved ones and friends and what has been experienced by them as it related to your challenges. A team effort approach is always helpful.

Naltrexone® Therapy

Naltrexone® Therapy for Opioids/Alcohol addiction

Naltrexone® is a non-opioid, non-addictive medication that blocks the cravings and the effects of Opioids and Alcohol. Administered by injection or pellet form, this safe and effective approach had been available for many years, yet never before combined with specific treatments we have developed.   After your Rapid detox is complete, we test to ensure all drugs and alcohols are out of your system and then offer Naltrexone®. Once Naltrexone®, commonly referred to as Vivatrol is in your system, you will not be able to experience the effects of Opioids or Alcohol. This therapy can be utilized for an extended period of time as you develop new brain pathways with our Brain Recovery approach. Naltrexone® is very effective in stopping the cravings associated with addiction without using replacement drugs like Suboxone®. Our goal is for you to regain a healthy and complete life without the desire or cravings for drugs.

After Care

After Care Follow-up

A critical component of our approach at RecoverUS is Follow-Up care which one of our strongest attributes. Our dedication is to you and your successful sobriety….forever. We know from experience that Brain Recovery is the key to success. New neuro-pathways are essential to long term success and this is accomplished by helping your brain to Release/Recover/Restore. It’s our trademarked approach to a long-term solution for you. We offer a balanced program which may include the following based on your specific needs.


  • Ongoing Naltrexone® therapy. Naltrexone® is a non-addictive, non-narcotic medicine that prevents cravings and reduces the odds of a relapse.
  • A network of B.E.S.T. practitioners to follow-up with your Mind/Body Balance care.
  • Access to ongoing nutritional supplementation for mineral replacement and guidelines.
  • 12-Step Programs or Other Support Groups. There’s real benefit to being part of a community of others who are battling the same issues as you. In these groups, you’ll find others who are sober and supportive of you.
  • Medical Visits. Regular check-ups and check-ins are critical not only to beating a drug habit, but also to leading a healthy life.
  • Individual Therapy. Meeting regularly with a trained and compassionate individual counselor can be beneficial as you continue to work toward you process your experiences and work toward your goals.
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs. These programs offer high levels of education and treatment in an evening outpatient setting, allowing you to continue to live your life.
  • Inpatient/Residential Treatment referral. Sometimes more intensive care is necessary after your initial Detox. In these cases, we help you find the best treatment programs and facilities to ensure success.
  • We also work closely with your family, friends or support team, providing them with coaching and tools to help you help yourself to stay drug-free.
  • Relapse re-engagement with us should there be a need. Should a relapse happen, we are here to offer a non-judgmental support team. The good news is that if this happens to you, all is not lost. Your immediate acknowledgement and action to call us ensures the fastest way to regain your brain health. We are here for you and a booster treatment often returns you right back to sobriety.

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