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We provide a rapid detox process and long-term treatment. You want to be better now, so we’ve designed a medically-proven detox program that typically takes just a few days. Then, once you’re clean, we walk with you for weeks and months with on-going treatment, counseling and support to prevent slips, relapses and new addictions.

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Naltrexone Therapy for Opioids/Alcohol addiction

Naltrexone is a non-opioid, non-addictive medication that blocks the cravings and the effects of Opioids and Alcohol. Administered by injection or pellet form, this safe and effective approach had been available for many years, yet never before combined with specific treatments we have developed.   After your Rapid detox is complete, we test to ensure all drugs and alcohols are out of your system and then offer Naltrexone. Once Naltrexone, commonly referred to as Vivatrol is in your system, you will not be able to experience the effects of Opioids or Alcohol. This therapy can be utilized for an extended period of time as you develop new brain pathways with our Brain Recovery approach. Naltrexone is very effective in stopping the cravings associated with addiction without using replacement drugs like Suboxone®. Our goal is for you to regain a healthy and complete life without the desire or cravings for drugs.

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