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We provide a rapid detox process and long-term treatment. You want to be better now, so we’ve designed a medically-proven detox program that typically takes just a few days. Then, once you’re clean, we walk with you for weeks and months with on-going treatment, counseling and support to prevent slips, relapses and new addictions.

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Support Through Recovery with Shoshana Church


I'm Shoshana Church, a provider here at RecoverUs, and September is Recovery Awareness Month. 

This week I'm focusing support through the recovery process. Having a strong support system during the recovery process can make all the difference. 

Here, you're encouraged to bring your support system to your treatments. Your significant other, your parents, your partner, your children, they're all welcome to join you while you're in our facility. You may be here 8 hours a day on IV treatment. We believe your loved ones shouldn't be isolated from the work you're doing to overcome your substance use issues. It's important that they see the progress you're making. 

Your loved one's won't be your only support. RecoverUs has medical providers and nurses who are in charge of IV's and medications. We have counselors that meet with clients on a regular basis. 

We even have follow up staff that keep in touch once you've been discharged from the program. Someone's always here to be sure you're staying abstinent and using better coping mechanisms than the ones you came to us to recover from.  

RecoverUs Center is proud to have a very different type of program when it comes to helping people through recovery. We have such a beautiful clinic here in Southern Illinois and you'll have privacy from other patients in our separate treatment rooms. 

If you need anything, if you or a loved one are ready to begin or restart the recovery process, please reach out. At RecoverUs we are committed to helping you get the care you need.

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