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We provide a rapid detox process and long-term treatment. You want to be better now, so we’ve designed a medically-proven detox program that typically takes just a few days. Then, once you’re clean, we walk with you for weeks and months with on-going treatment, counseling and support to prevent slips, relapses and new addictions.

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I see a Druggie… || RecoverUs Centers

Many struggling with addiction are treated like 'druggies'. Addiction and substance abuse is treated like a choice, rather than a disease. Don't hate the addict, hate the disease. Please visit us at RecoverUs Centers Carbondale at or call us at 618-519-9444...

RecoverUs Commercial || Get your life back today

This RecoverUs commercial is an example of the lasting sobriety our patients experience. Recovery affects more than just the patient; it affects your loved ones. Getting back to the real you means returning to the ones who count on you the most. Don't let addiction define who you are. The path to recovery begins with us. Please visit us at RecoverUs Centers Carbondale at or call us at 618-519-9444...

RecoverUS works to help families address addicted loved ones

CARBONDALE (WSIL) -- Thousands of people in Illinois struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, but often family and friends don't know how to get that person help. It can be easy to become addicted to drugs or alcohol, but very difficult to find help. Many facilities don't have enough room or tell potential patients to call an 800 number. Kelly Reed with RecoverUS Centers in Carbondale says she often hears from family members who...

Addiction and Compassion Workshop

Do you have a loved one struggling with addiction? This can be an addiction to alcohol, illegal narcotics, inhalants, or prescription medication? RecoverUs Centers in Carbondale, IL invites you to "Addiction & Compassion Workshop". At our workshop you will learn:1. How to approach and engage with a loved one with an addiction2. What language to use that evokes compassion and understanding towards the family member3. RecoverUs method of treatment and tools...