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We provide a rapid detox process and long-term treatment. You want to be better now, so we’ve designed a medically-proven detox program that typically takes just a few days. Then, once you’re clean, we walk with you for weeks and months with on-going treatment, counseling and support to prevent slips, relapses and new addictions.

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Addiction Recovery

Building a sober life

Addiction Recovery

The recovery journey can be incredibly challenging. The worst part – less than 20% of those people receive the treatment and care they need. The important thing to remember is this – reaching out is the first step. Asking for help can be intimidating, but it’s necessary to receive support. Learning about the signs of substance abuse, as well as how it can affect your body, is another critical tool to stay informed and aware of the risks of initiating and continuing substance abuse.

A sober life isn’t something that happens overnight; it’s a continuous, active journey. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can be a very effective form of recovery, especially if coupled with counseling. These therapies can provide both assistance through the physical journey of withdrawal and healing, and the support to stay on track and succeed. It’s a situation where doing it alone isn’t just less effective – it’s potentially dangerous.

So if you’re trying to build a sober life, you probably have a lot of questions. Some of them embarrassing, some that feel really personal, all important for your journey. Make sure you have a combination of professionals and peers you can talk to. Getting your questions answered will take some of the confusion and misinformation away from the recovery process. If you have a question about something related to addiction, recovery, or sobriety, feel free to reach out. We’d love to help you and help answer your questions.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, contact RecoverUs Centers by calling 1-618-519-9444 or emailing for assistance.

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